Freelance Report: August Exodus Ends with a Bang
On the 30th of August 3302, the August Exodus came to end with dozens of independent pilots assembling outside Jaques Station for photos and general tomfoolery. Despite a few explosions, revellers enjoyed a race on the track that will host the first official event of the newly established Colonia... Read more
Galactic News: Colonia Campaign Concludes
The 80 DD-D 774-CE-2 faction has announced that its campaign to establish a new outpost in the Colonia Nebula has received the unqualified support of the galactic community. Hundreds of independent pilots responded to the appeal, resulting in a massive influx of deliveries to Jaques Station, the organisation’s base... Read more
Community Goal: 80 DD-D 774-CE-2 Appeals for Exploration Data
The 80 DD-D 774-CE-2 faction, an independent organisation based at Jaques Station in the Eol Prou RS-T d3-94 system, has issued a request for exploration data. The request is part of an ongoing initiative to establish a permanent community in the Colonia Nebula. A spokesperson for 80 DD-D 774-CE-2... Read more
Community Goal: The Colonia Initiative
The Colonia Nebula is a relatively innocuous region of space encompassing the Eol Prou RS-T d3-94 system. It is also likely to become a major bastion of humanity in the years to come. Public interest in the Colonia Nebula was piqued by the arrival in Eol Prou RS-T d3-94... Read more
Galactic News: Jaques’s Campaign Concludes
Personnel at Jaques Station have announced that their appeal for repair materials has reached a successful conclusion more than a week before the campaign was scheduled to end, thanks to the enthusiastic support of the galactic community. Thousands of pilots are understood to have contributed to the initiative, in... Read more
Freelance Report: Fuel Rats Announce Plans for New Outpost
Earlier today, the Fuel Rats Mischief announced plans for an extraction outpost near Jaques Station. “We’ve been considering such a base for quite a while now. Originally the idea was to set up near Sagittarius A* since it’s one of the regions most visited by explorers. The biggest challenge... Read more
Galactic News: Jaques Station Making a Comeback
It has been two weeks since Jaques, the owner and operator of Jaques Station, issued an appeal for commodities to repair his beleaguered starport. Since then, scores of pilots from across the galaxy have made the long journey to the Eol Prou RS-T d3-94 system to deliver tantalum, power... Read more
Community Goal: Establishing a Base in Eol Prou
The 80 DD-D 774-CE-2 faction has launched a campaign to establish a planetary outpost in the Eol Prou RS-T d3-94 system. According to the organisation’s spokesperson, the primary purpose of the new outpost will be to support independent trade and exploration in the region. In a statement, the spokesperson... Read more
Freelance Report: The August Exodus
With the possibility of war between the Federation and the Empire looming, a number of intrepid explorers have banded together to establish a new way of life among the stars. Over 300 pilots from across inhabited space have signed up to take part in the largest convoy ever assembled,... Read more
Freelance Report: GalCop Mobilizes to Aid Jaques Station
Since contact with Jaques Station was re-established, a substantial effort from independent pilots to deliver meta-alloys to the stricken starport has returned it to partial functionality. With the commodities market now open, Jaques has issued an appeal for the components needed to restore his station to full operational status.... Read more