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Galactic News: Explorers Urged to be Cautious

In his keynote speech at a recent conference, Karl Devene, head of the Federal Astrocartography Department, warned would-be explorers of the dangers of venturing into the void:

“While there are some very well-organised expeditions, many are poorly prepared and have no goals beyond pursuing ridiculous myths echoing back from the edge of inhabited space. It is dangerous and irresponsible to venture into uncharted areas without proper discipline.”

“What we need is sound astrocartographic data – not a bunch of amateurs traipsing all over the place and making a complete mess of the whole situation.”

“I will be making deputations to various authorities to curtail these activities and leave exploration in the hands of the professionals.”

“If humanity finds itself in a first-contact position, do we really want some grubby, ill-prepared spacer to be our envoy? I think not.”

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