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Freelance Report: Record-Breaking Tourist Trip

Since the Pilots Federation endorsed passenger flights and the Beluga luxury liner entered the market, the tourism industry has boomed. Commander Duck of Death, a seasoned explorer, took this reporter on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the far side of the galaxy.

Our journey took us to the Black in Green Nebula, Sagittarius A* and the Red and Green Glory Nebula, as well as a planetary ring with a staggering 54 million kilometre radius. But that wasn’t all.

“I’ve been planning to go to Beagle Point for a few months,” said Duck of Death. “Since I’m on the original roster, I feel I have an obligation to complete the expedition.”

Spirits were high as we traversed the abyss and entered the Solitude Void, but as the bright lights of the core dwindled, I could sense the primordial fear building. Finally, we reached Beagle Point. Before us was the entire Milky Way, farther away than ever, and behind us…the rest of the universe. We were standing on the edge of infinity.

Morris Cowley

Freelance Reporter, Elite Travel Writers’ Cooperative

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