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Freelance Report: Much Ado about Nothing?

Recent statements from Professor Steven Eisler of the Okinura Xenobiology Institute appear to have frustrated large sections of the scientific community.

Darius Maddox, presenter of weekly science broadcast The Face of the Universe, said, “Eisler isn’t a field scientist – he’s an academic – and to throw around the T-word every time humanity encounters something it doesn’t understand is irresponsible.”

Eisler responded to the criticism:

“I’m not leaping to the conclusion that the object in the Pleiades is of Thargoid origin. I only meant that if it is Thargoid, it’s likely to be a relic of the past.”

“It’s true that I haven’t done much field science recently, but I plan to visit the site soon, and I’ll be looking for indications of whether this is a recent find or something that has been sitting on the surface for a while.”


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