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Freelance Report: More Palladium for Dr Arcanonn

A spokesperson for the Canonn Interstellar Research Group has issued a plea for a final push in the campaign to establish a research outpost at Thompson Dock:

“The response from the community has been incredible, but we need more palladium!”

“I know you’re tired, but this project is too important for us to give up. I’ve been living on a particularly strong blend of Varatian coffee, and I understand the local suppliers have made it freely available to all miners. It’s great stuff if you don’t mind a few heart palpitations.”

“We really want to hit the next milestone so we can get a commodities market at the station. If we can do that, Dr Arcanonn will be able to do what he does best.”

“So please come and mine for the Canonn between now and Thursday afternoon. The rewards are huge, and the camaraderie among the miners is fantastic.”

Commander Lord Zoltan

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