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Freelance Report: Canonn Scientist Requests Meta-Alloys

Professor D Luffy, head of research at Bond Hub in the Varati system, has released a statement about the station’s need for meta-alloys:

“My researchers are ready to receive as many meta-alloys as the community can deliver. We’re certain we can repeat the success of the Obsidian Orbital engineers and reverse the malfunctions plaguing so many stations in the bubble.”

“My colleagues and I understand the concerns about harvesting meta-alloys from the barnacles, but this plague is affecting millions of people and it seems the meta-alloys have been given to us specifically as a cure.”

“We do not condone the destruction of barnacle sites, and we are prepared for the possibility that something bad could happen as a result of using the meta-alloys in this way, but we must balance the need for caution against the needs of humanity. So, please, bring your meta-alloys to us and let us do the rest.”

Commander Lord Zoltan

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