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Community Goal: The Rise to Power Begins

For much of the past month, the galactic community has been captivated by the Dangerous Games, a semi-official competition organised by some of the galaxy’s largest factions to determine which wields the greatest degree of power and influence.

Three events have taken place so far, with pilots from across the galaxy fighting fervently to support their chosen group. With the ‘Wildcard’ stage of the competition over, it is time for the main event to begin.

Trinity Avon, a reporter for The Sovereign, explained how the Rise to Power will work:

“There are six factions taking part: the EG Pilots, the Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corps, the Border Coalition, GalCop, the Interstellar Communist Union and the Social Eleu Progressive Party. Over the next three weeks, there will be a series of campaigns in which each faction will try to rally as much support as possible. The faction that dominates its rivals will join the ranks of the galaxy’s most powerful.”

The first Rise to Power event requires pilots to gather Gilya signature weapons for their chosen faction and deliver them to Gohar Station in the Jaradharre system. The faction that accumulates the most Gilya signature weapons will be declared the winner of the first heat.

The event begins on the 30th of June 3302 and will run for one week.

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