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Galactic News: Narcotics Appeal comes to an End

A spokesperson for the Crom Silver Boys, a notorious crime syndicate, has released a statement confirming that its appeal for narcotics was eagerly received by the galactic community.

Given the illicit nature of the operation, the exact number of participants is not known. But reports from the Herthe system indicate that hundreds of pilots contributed to the campaign, delivering controlled substances for the criminals’ drug-production scheme.

With the criminals’ targets met, production of crom silver fesh is scheduled to begin immediately. The new narcotic will follow the closely guarded recipe for wolf fesh, the psychoactive drug formerly produced in the Wolf 1301 system. The Crom Silver Boys have promised to release the new commodity to the market at Chorel Survey as soon as possible.

Jimmy ‘Ice Pick’ Falcone, spokesperson for the Crom Silver Boys, released a brief and slightly perplexing statement:

“Crom silver fesh will soon be available to pilots who have proved we can trust them.”

Pilots who contributed to the initiative are now free to collect their rewards from Walheim Enterprise in the Herthe system.

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