Security Support Needed For Cerberus Plague Intervention
With increasing reports concerning the so-called ‘Cerberus Plague’, officials from Dajoar, Eleu and 20 Ophiuchi have all declared states of emergency. They are calling on bounty hunters and combat-capable pilots in the region help protect the relief efforts. The issue arises at the same time that some medics in... Lire la suite
Reports of the Cerberus Plague beyond BD-02 4304
The heroic efforts of the local authorities at Newton Dock in BD-02 4304, combined with independent pilots from far and wide, have slowed the outbreak affecting the local population. Carl Simmons, the Chief Medical Officer of Newton Dock, responded to reports of further infections in the nearby systems: Dajoar,... Lire la suite
Leaked Data Causes Concerns over Latest Imperial Technology
News of technical documents posted anonymously via the shady dark network are spreading virally and causing widespread concern among Imperial Pilots. According to the documents some of the new Imperial modules that have been appearing recently are linked to research carried out by the discredited Professor Denzile Dex and... Lire la suite
Breakthrough in Artefact Research?
After meticulous and sometimes tedious investigation, scientists working under Dr Arcanonn have uncovered that the recently discovered « Unknown Artefacts » may have some basis in human technology. Audio studies of the objects show that they emit a distorted but audible signal matching the very long-established Earth signalling scheme morse code,... Lire la suite
Cosmic State and Emperor’s Grace Develop Joint Technology Company
It has been formally announced that an Agreement has been reached between Hammer Arms, biggest independent arms dealer with a seat in Hel, Home of Cosmic State and Emperor’s Grace. This is the first ever such agreement made by the fiercely proud and independent Cosmic State with an Imperial... Lire la suite
Infection Running Rampant in BD-02 4304
Hundreds of businesses have closed and thousands of people are quarantined following an outbreak aboard Newton Dock in what could be the most devastating epidemic of the decade. The illness, the origins of which are currently unknown, has made its way across much of the region. Reports are coming... Lire la suite
La science d’une société plus sure
Des milliers de citoyens du secteur Pegasi ont été forcés de quitter leur logement la semaine dernière, à la suite d’une série de raids violents effectués pour le compte d’Archon Delaine. Certains résidents résistants ont tenté de joindre la Fédération et l’Empire pour leur demander assistance, mais, jusqu’à présent,... Lire la suite
Une vision de l’avenir
Pendant des décennies, le campement utopien sur Antal a été considérée comme un endroit où les gens pouvaient explorer l’avenir. Une technologie qui avait des années d’avance sur son temps était ouvertement à disposition de chacun. Les secrets révélés par les ingénieurs utopiens ont été mis librement à disposition... Lire la suite
La perte de Starship One est reliée à un problème mécanique
La Federal Navy a aujourd’hui rendu public son rapport officiel concernant la disparition de StarShip One. Comme attendu, le document word de 600.000 caractères fournit une analyse détaillée des fonctionnements internes de StarShip One. Le rapport confirme que la signature anormale d’énergie détectée par Guardian Wing Alpha, immédiatement avant... Lire la suite
Extraordinary Transmission Contesting Dr Arcanonn
After recent terrorist activities in 78 Ursae Majoris, GalNet received multiple reports about a single transmission regarding Dr Arcanonn, that has been broadcast via various radio stations throughout known inhabited space simultaneously without their approval. GalNet was provided with a recording of the audio message: “It doesn’t matter who... Lire la suite