In this series, we look at some of history’s less well-known figures, and examine the part they have played in shaping the galaxy. This week, we revisit a group of individuals whose exploits were covered by a number of media outlets last year. Commander Angel Rose Angel Rose’s career... Lire la suite
Rescued from the Kumo Crew
Rescued from the Kumo Crew Reports are coming in from the Pegasi sector of scores of marked slaves being rescued by Imperial Commanders participating in the ‘United Offensive’. Acting in concert with members of the Sirius Corporation, Imperial Commanders are carefully extracting human cargo from Kumo Crew vessels. The... Lire la suite
Pegasi Pirate War
Last month, Archon Delaine’s aggressive advance toward Imperial territory was halted. Defensive lines along the Imperial border held strong as the expeditionary forces of Operation Davy Jones were joined by detachments of the Imperial Fleet. Many in the Empire are now referring to the escalating conflict as the ‘Pegasi... Lire la suite
Les pirates en déroute à Bast.
Des sources officielles à Hart Station ont confirmées que les efforts pour éliminer les vaisseaux pirates qui ciblaient les transporteurs de matériel médical dans la région ont été un succès retentissant. L’Union of Bast Liberals, qui avait placé des primes sur ces pirates, a déclaré que 1869 pilotes indépendant... Lire la suite
Pirates Targeting Medical Supply Ships
According to officials at Hart Station, medical supply ships transporting the Cerberus Plague antidote from the starport are being targeted by pirates. Naturally, these attacks are substantially undermining attempts to eliminate the disease, which continues to affect a number of systems. One official said: “It’s just despicable. I wouldn’t... Lire la suite
Operation Davy Jones – Frontline report
It has been over two weeks since the Kumo Crew’s attempted expansion into the Imperial system of Cuchua was answered with ‘Operation Davy Jones’. With Imperial Commanders combining their efforts to contain and eventually wipe out the pirate organisation, the Pegasi Sector has been under siege. With an end... Lire la suite
The Unfettering of the Pegasi Sector
The Kumo Crew has been known to brand free citizens as slaves and ferry them to an uncertain fate in their capital system, Harma. The Imperial blockade of Harma and the surrounding systems has intercepted thousands of these slaves, many of whom are emaciated, deeply bruised, and otherwise afflicted.... Lire la suite
Naval Academy Graduates join « Operation Davy Jones » in the Pegasi Sector
Speaking at the graduation ceremony of the prestigious Naval Academy of Achenar, Senator Arissa Lavigny-Duval announced her campaign to liberate the 5.6 billion Imperial citizens scattered throughout the Pegasi sector. « I wish to extend my personal congratulations for your commitment to personal excellence and to the Empire. As you... Lire la suite
Peace and Prosperity through Production
The Utopians unveiled their plans to fight back against the pirates of the Pegasi sector today, at a meeting held aboard Yolen Hub in HIP 116213. Simguru Pranav Antal was met with wild cheers from the gathered crowds as he spoke about the sector’s recent spate of conflicts with... Lire la suite
Terreur dans le secteur Pegasi
Archon Delaine et son Kumo Crew ont poursuivi leur saccage apparemment imparable dans le secteur Pegasi cette semaine, le Crew a géré l’établissement de nouveaux bastions dans Arawere, Huaich, LTT 16548 et San Muss. Des rapports en provenance du secteur indiquent que le Kumo Crew opère désormais dans plus... Lire la suite