Commander Activity as Unrest Spreads
Post Views: 0 In response to the Eranin government’s call yesterday for a wider spread of its now-infamous celebration liquor, there has been much activity involving large amounts of liquor in several systems. Over 30 Commanders have taken liquor to Opala’s Romanenko Estate. In LHS 3262, CMDR Waugh and... Lire la suite
Eranin and Rebels in Federation-Brokered Peace Talks
Post Views: 0 As Eranin 30th Anniversary celebratory liquor is spread far and wide, the Federation Black Ops teams are moving to more overt than covert operations in support of the rebels, removing all doubt that the rebels are a Federation proxy. Consequently, the gloves are now well and... Lire la suite
Eranin vs Federation – Commander Reactions
Post Views: 0 There are still commanders such as CMDR Pheyes who are ambivalent about their allegiance and appear to be indiscriminate in their targeting. Many more, however, appear to be aligning themselves strongly with one camp or the other. CMDR zenoic neatly summed up Eranin supporters’ feelings. “Freedom,... Lire la suite
Eranin vs Federation – Commander Reactions
Post Views: 0 Perhaps rather than conflict, Imperial Senator Denton Patreus’ characterization of the situation around Eranin yesterday as ‘civil war’ is growing more accurate by the day… Commanders continue to fly in support of both sides of the conflict, although with a slight majority on the Federal side... Lire la suite
Faulcon deLacy Cobra price – Latest
Post Views: 1 We are working our data sources hard in order to bring you behind the scenes information on that spectacular Faulcon deLacy price deal which is throwing fuel on the fire of the Eranin / Federation tensions by militarizing both sides. Who stands to gain from the... Lire la suite
Eranin vs Federation skirmishes intensify
Post Views: 1 Commanders are getting heavily involved in the growing conflict between Eranin and the Federation over Eranin’s 30th Anniversary of Independence. Almost as many missions were flown in support of each side in the past 24 hours as in the whole of the weekend since Eranin’s 30th... Lire la suite
La “Liqueur de la Célébration” Illégale dans la Fédération
Post Views: 313 Les tensions entre la Fédération et Eranin autour du trentième anniversaire de l’indépendance semble arriver à son paroxysm. Vendredi, durant les célébrations, la Fédération à déclaré la nouvelle liqueur d’Eranin illégale, incluant également les systèmes indépendant communiste dans la liste des systèmes touchés par cette interdiction.... Lire la suite
Faulcon Delacy divise le prix du “Cobra” par 2
Post Views: 447 Le “gros coup” préparé par la “Faulcon Delacy” semble se profiler comme une spéctaculaire annonce. De façon surprenante, le prix de son “Cobra Mk III” à été coupé en deux pour un total de 86’052 Crédits. la “FdL” offre aussi 100% de la valeur d’achat initiale... Lire la suite
Cold war ready to ignite?
Post Views: 0 Eranin’s 30 year anniversary of independence from the Federation is tomorrow, and their ‘cold war’ looks more and more like a tinderbox ready to ignite. Lire la suite
Ship sales service report
Post Views: 1 After last week’s stunning news of a free Eagle for all, Core Dynamics falls back to a more usual 13.6% market share. Faulcon deLacy remains top of the pile and tightens its grip on the market even further with a 1.6% overall market share rise to... Lire la suite