Prism Senator Denies Power Play
Senator Kahina Tijani Loren was seen at a musical soiree on Capitol yesterday evening, taking part in a reception after her arrival in the Achenar system. Kahina was ambushed by reporters as she emerged from her transport and asked whether she was intending to challenge for the leadership of... Lire la suite
La Sénatrice de Prism appelée à Achenar
L’Imperial Courier de la Sénatrice Kahina Tijani Loren a été aperçu sur le départ tôt ce matin, heure locale, depuis les chantiers navals d’Avalon. Il a rejoint le Imperial Interdictor Atticus, dont l’Amiral Brice est le dernier commandant connu. Le convoi est censé être en route vers le système... Lire la suite
Sénatrice de Prism, planification d’un nouveau voyage ?
Des images leakées des chantiers navals d’Avalon semblent indiquer que l’Imperial Courier de la Sénatrice Kahina Tijani Loren, le « Seven Veils », a subit une refonte significative quelques semaines seulement après sa récente visite dans le système Sol. La sécurité des chantiers navals d’Avalon, qui appartient et est géré par... Lire la suite
Prism Senator in Illegal Smuggling Sting?
More scandal accompanied Senator Kahina Tijani Loren’s continuing visit when she was presented with a large vial of Gerasian Liquor by representatives at a concert in London. The representatives were apparently unaware that the beverage has recently been outlawed in the Empire, and anyone caught carrying it within Imperial... Lire la suite
Prism Senator Returns to Empire
After completing her tour of the Sol system and meeting several high ranking officials within the Federation, Senator Kahina Tijani Loren has returned to the Empire. As expected a large flotilla of vessels accompanied Lady Kahina to the boundary of Federation influence, where she rendezvoused with the Imperial Interdictor... Lire la suite
Alliance Shines Light on Prism Senator
In an open letter addressed for the attention of Senator Kahina Tijani Loren, Alliance representatives from Alioth have extended an invitation for her to visit their star-systems with the assurance the her trip will be free from “bungling bureaucracy, petty-minded procrastinators and deranged docking debacles.” Apparently Lady Kahina’s visit... Lire la suite
La sénatrice de Prism en stationnement interdit
De retour sur Terre, à l’invitation du secrétaire général, la sénatrice Kahina Tijani Loren a reçu une amende dans Mars High, apparemment en raison de l’activation des boosters de son Imperial Courier tout en étant dans la station. Les rapports indiquent que cela a causé un vacarme assourdissant dans... Lire la suite
Prism Senator Continues to Woo Federation Residents
Lady Kahina Tijani Loren’s unofficial entourage has begun a tour of the outer gas giants in the Sol system. Hundreds of privately owned Federation-registered vessels have turned out to greet the Senator, in lieu of an official welcome, as she continues her passage through the Sol system despite continued... Lire la suite
Imperial Pageant for Prism Senator
In an apparent show of solidarity for the visiting Senator and in protest at her perceived shabby treatment at the hands of her Federation hosts, dozens of independent Commanders have volunteered to escort Lady Kahina Tijani Loren’s Imperial Courier through Federal space for the duration of her trip. The... Lire la suite
Prism Senator will not be late, not even slightly
In another administrative mix up, Lady Kahina Tijani Loren’s Imperial Courier has been denied docking clearance at Mars High. Official observers report that an Imperial Courier attempted to dock without prior permission and when confronted, refused to acknowledge hails. Unofficial, and anonymous, reports from independent traders seem to favour... Lire la suite