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Galactic News: Professor Ishmael Palin Found

Last week, the Orulas system was the site of a combat operation designed to eliminate the Blue Hang Gang, a ruthless criminal organisation. One of the operation’s objectives was to recover the escape pods the criminals were transporting through the system. Thanks to the brave pilots who supported the initiative, the objective was successfully completed, and the recovered pods were delivered to Wilkes Orbital.

As personnel at Wilkes Orbital continue with the task of identifying the pods’ occupants, authorities at the starport have made a surprising announcement: Professor Ishmael Palin and his research team were among those rescued in the operation.

“We were shocked to discover the professor and his colleagues,” said Governor Lawrence, principal administrator of Wilkes Orbital, “but also delighted. He’s in a delicate state at the moment, but we’re confident he’ll make a full recovery.”

Meanwhile, Rose Trebek, the military veteran who spearheaded the operation against the Blue Hand Gang, was asked how Professor Palin might have ended up in the criminals’ custody:

“The Blue Hand are opportunists, so it’s hard to imagine them going to the trouble of tracking down Palin and abducting him. My guess is they bought the professor’s escape pod from someone else, probably without even knowing who was in it. Hopefully, the professor will be able to tell us more once he’s back to full health.”

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