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Galactic News: Congratulations to Distant Worlds Explorers

From a vantage point more than 65,000 light years from Sol, a transmission has been received regarding the Distant Worlds Expedition. Sent by a Commander Salomé, the message congratulates Dr Kaii and Commander Erimus on their colossal achievement, and pays homage to the hundreds of other explorers who took part.

“The voyage has yielded a wealth of exploration data, and may well contain remarkable new discoveries about the galaxy in which we live. It has been a pleasure and privilege to be involved, and I wish all the explorers a safe voyage home.”

Early analysis of the recovered data indicates that a number of new routes have been scouted, including pathways to Beagle Point, the Core, the Formidine Rift, the Norma Expanse and many other parts of the galaxy. These routes combine in a complex cobweb, paths through the void. Sceptics were quick to put these discoveries in context, however:

“Scouting a route is all very well, and we applaud the achievements of these adventurers,” said Karl Devene, head of Astrocartography at Mars High. “But these explorers should not be under the impression that these areas can be considered even partially charted. There is much that remains to be done.”

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