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Freelance Report: The Only Winners are the Lawyers

Controversial chef Oliver Gordon experienced a different kind of heat today, as he was served with a writ demanding he change the name of his restaurant ‘PanGalactic’.

Lawyers for the Pan Galactic Mining Corp told members of the press that: “Our clients want to make clear that this restaurant and its head chef have no connection whatsoever to their corporation. As such, they have served notice regarding the name ‘PanGalactic’, and will pursue the case vigorously.”

Legal experts are intrigued by the case as it could set a precedent for galaxy-wide intellectual property rights. Professor Janus of the Federal Bar Council ventured that: “It would be an interesting case, if it were heard, although it does highlight the need for more closely aligned intellectual property law.”

It seems Oliver Gordon’s no-holds-barred approach to cuisine may have thrown him from the frying pan into the fire.

Commander Matzov

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