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Freelance Report: Conspiracy Theorist Defends Halsey

Notorious conspiracy theorist Ricardo Bentonio, speaking from the Groombridge 34 system, has issued a statement of support for former Federal president Jasmina Halsey:

“They’re calling Halsey crazy, but she may just be a modern-day Joan of Arc – a conduit chosen by the Architects of Creation to speak to mankind. The powers-that-be want to silence her by locking her away. I demand that I and a small group of scientists be granted an audience with President Halsey so we can find out the truth.”

Bentonio recently made headlines after issuing a plea for cartographic data to prove that the 29th of February was an ‘aberrant day’ heralding the imminent collapse of the universe. What Mr Bentonio did with that data, and whether it helped to prove or disprove his theories, has not been released to the public.

Commander Finn McMillan

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