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Community Goal: The Colonia Connection

Latugara PLC, an independent organisation based in the Latugara system, has announced plans to construct a series of outposts between the core of human-inhabited space and the rapidly expanding Colonia Nebula community.

In a statement, the organisation’s spokesperson said:

“Given the relatively remote nature of the Colonia community, there’s a clear need for a series of resupply outposts to support ships travelling to and from the colony. These new bases will bridge the gap between the burgeoning Colonia community and the core systems.”

In support of this ambitious initiative, Latugara PLC has placed an open order for titanium, computer components and power generators, and has promised to reward pilots who deliver these commodities to its base of operations at Love Orbital in the Latugara system.

The campaign has been provisionally scheduled to run for four weeks from the 15th of September 3302, but the Latugara PLC has said it will run the campaign until its targets are met.

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