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Community Goal: Pranav Antal Requests Exploration Data

Every year, thousands of people disappear into the vastness of space. Some simply venture out too far and lose their way. Others are abducted by pirates and sold into slavery, their identities irrevocably erased. Others still may suffer more mysterious fates.

For many, these disappearances are a fact of life – an inescapable consequence of living among the stars. But Pranav Antal, leader of the technologically progressive enclave Utopia, is unwilling to simply accept such losses. The simguru, as he is known, has launched a campaign to gather exploration data with the aim of discovering why so many of those who traverse the depths of space vanish.

“The purpose of this campaign is to acquire concrete information about these disappearances so we can do more to prevent them. But I must stress that even if we are able to locate missing individuals, it is likely that they will be too far from our base of operations to make rescue possible. This is an intelligence-gathering operation only.”

Utopian representatives have promised to reward pilots who deliver exploration data to Terry Port in the Garoku system. The campaign begins on the 16th of June 3302 and will run for one week.

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