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Community Goal: Former Slaves in Need

Recent reports from LFT 37 indicate that the system could be on the brink of a humanitarian crisis. According to system authorities, the issue began when the Paladin Consortium took control of the starport of Onnes Gateway and liberated all the imperial slaves at the starport. Unfortunately, however, the process of officially terminating the slaves’ contracts has become entangled in bureaucratic red tape, and this has put the former slaves in a difficult position, as they cannot yet legally obtain housing or employment.

In light of this development, the Paladin Consortium has issued a galaxy-wide request for water purifiers to ensure the former slaves have access to basic sanitation while awaiting their ‘official’ release. The faction has promised to reward any pilots who contribute to the initiative.

A spokesperson for the Paladin Consortium released a brief statement to the media:

“The Paladin Consortium is spearheading a humanitarian initiative to bring essential supplied to thousands of slaves in the LFT 37 system. But we cannot do this alone, so we are turning to the galactic community for support.”

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