Non Human Signal Sources in Huveang De
Local security services in the Huveang De system have announced today that there have been no new sightings of Thargoids over the last 24 hours. The head of local security forces released the following statement: “We do not know why the Thargoids appeared in our region of space or... Read more
Thargoid Surveillance Continues
According to Aegis, their operation to monitor Thargoid activity in the Pleiades Nebula has already begun to show results. Aegis, released the following statement on behalf of Admiral Aden Tanner their chief military liaison “The new Eagle Eye installations are a success, they have identified fluctuations in Thargoid transmissions... Read more
Coalition of Othime Campaign Concludes
The Coalition of Othime has announced that its campaign to build a new asteroid base has received the wholehearted support of the galactic community. Hundreds of pilots supported the appeal by delivering commodities to Levi Montalcini Dock and by eliminating agitators in Othime, thereby ensuring the safety of traders.... Read more
Thargoid Surveillance in the Pleiades
Aegis has launched an operation to monitor Thargoid activity in the Pleiades Nebula. Admiral Aden Tanner, chief military liaison at Aegis, made this statement: “Our new Eagle Eye initiative will closely monitor systems where Thargoid surface sites are known to exist.” “We have established orbital surveillance installations at six... Read more
Arek Crimson Vision Corporation Campaign Ends
A spokesperson for Arek Crimson Vision Corporation has announced that its appeal for weapons has been enthusiastically received by the galactic community, resulting in a massive influx of deliveries to the organisation’s base of operations. The weapons will now be shipped to the Colonia region. As the campaign drew... Read more
Colonia Initiative Concludes
The Colonia Council has announced that its campaign to build a security installation in the Colonia region has been warmly received by the galactic community. Large quantities of material were delivered to Dove Enigma over the past week, allowing the initiative to move to the construction phase. A spokesperson... Read more
Ram Tah Announces New Discoveries
The engineer Ram Tah has revealed that his recent request for pilots to investigate possible Guardian sites has yielded significant discoveries. He has released this statement: “Thanks to many courageous Commanders, we have found several new Guardian sites and recovered a great deal of data. As I theorised, the... Read more
Federal-Imperial Operation Concludes
Admiral Denton Patreus has announced that the joint Federal-Imperial operation in the Pleiades Sector OI-T c3-7 and Arietis Sector XE-Z b4 systems has succeeded in achieving its objectives. Scores of independent pilots supported the campaign by eliminating Thargoids, and by recovering black boxes and personal effects from Thargoid attack... Read more
Lakon Releases Alliance Chieftain
The Alliance has announced a new combat ship, the Alliance Chieftain, which has been specifically designed to counter the aggression of the Thargoids. A press release from Lakon Spaceways, which has developed the ship, stated: “The Chieftain is a highly manoeuvrable vessel for its size and weight, offering an... Read more
Federal Initiative Concludes
The Federation has announced that the Bulwark Project has reached a successful conclusion. Scores of pilots supported the campaign by delivering commodities to Jahn Dock. These will be used to research the possibility of an automated Federal defence force. As the campaign drew to a close, Federal Shadow President... Read more