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Galactic News: Independent Scientists Comment on Sightings

Professor Ishmael Palin, independent scientist and leading authority on xeno-biological research, has added his voice to the debate over sightings of mysterious spacecraft.

In a statement, Professor Palin said:

“I have no wish to be alarmist, and I can understand why the galactic superpowers have issued a somewhat noncommittal response. But suggesting that these craft may be of human origin, or the product of a hoax, rather stretches plausibility.”

“To my mind, there is a clear visual connection between these mysterious vessels, the shipwrecks found in HIP 17862 and the Pleiades, the Unknown Artefacts and the Unknown Probes. And I believe we can draw only one conclusion: we are sharing the galaxy with an intelligent non-human species. We therefore have an obligation to discover as much about this species, and its intentions, as possible.”

Independent engineer Ram Tah, who has been leading research into the Synuefe ruins, also commented:

“I share Professor Palin’s view that these reports are of great significance. But attempts to communicate with these vessels have proved fruitless, as have efforts to discern their point of origin. We must learn more about these ships and whoever – or whatever – is piloting them.”

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