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Galactic News: Federation Issues Rebuttal

Admiral Maxton Price of the Federal Navy has rejected claims that Farragut Battle Cruisers stationed in Merope have made unprovoked attacks on independent pilots operating in the area.

In a statement, Admiral Price argued that the allegations were baseless, and that the Federation had not initiated any conflict:

“It is true that Federal vessels have exchanged fire with independent pilots, but these exchanges were not instigated by the Federation, and any claims to the contrary are false.”

Admiral Price was asked to respond to calls from Dr Arcanonn of the Canonn Interstellar Research Group for a public inquiry into the Federal presence in Merope. He responded:

“The presence of Federal ships in Merope is entirely legitimate. If our ships are fired upon, they will respond in kind, but I can assure you that the Federation does not have a military agenda in Merope.”

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