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Freelance Report: Eating Your Words

Controversial chef Oliver Gordon was humiliated yesterday when he lost his battle over the ‘PanGalactic’ trademark. The cordon bleu has been forced to close his restaurant to meet spiralling legal costs.

The case began when the Pan Galactic Mining Corp issued a writ demanding that Gordon change the name of his ‘PanGalactic’ restaurant and pay substantial damages for infringing on intellectual property.

A spokesperson for the Pan Galactic Mining Corp released the following statement:

“The Pan Galactic Mining Corp has a right to defend its brand, but we are disappointed that Chef Gordon did not accept our offer to become our preferred catering partner.”

Gordon gave a characteristically colourful response:

“I’m the galaxy’s greatest artisan chef and I will not degrade my art for anyone. I’d rather eat a printed hotdog than work for Pan Galactic making sandwiches for business seminars.”

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