Peace in Her Time: A Profile of Jasmina Halsey
Independent journalist Chukwuma Grant has published an article on peace activist and former Federal President Jasmina Halsey. Grant has described the report as a wide-ranging analysis that addresses “the political impact of a politician renouncing politics”. Key extracts from the article are reprinted below: “Some believe that Jasmina Halsey... Read more
Community Goal: Halsey to Build Refugee Centre
Former Federal president Jasmina Halsey has announced plans to establish a rehabilitation centre for victims of war – specifically those affected by the ongoing Federal-Imperial conflict. In a statement, Halsey said: “The centre will of course provide victims with food and shelter, but it will also serve to reunite... Read more
Galactic News: Halsey Shares Her Vision
Since leaving the Clearwater psychiatric centre in July, former Federal president Jasmina Halsey has maintained a relatively low profile. But now the former leader has broken her silence to share news of “a compelling vision” with the galactic community. In a public address at Gotham Park in the Alioth... Read more
Galactic News: Jasmina Halsey Returns to Public Life
At a recent charity event, former Federal president Jasmina Halsey made her first public appearance since she was discharged from a secure psychiatric facility on Mars two weeks ago. The woman seen at the event differed dramatically from the frail individual seen leaving the Clearwater Clinic. Some commented that... Read more
Freelance Report: Could Halsey Shake up Federal Politics?
Following the release of former Federal president Jasmina Halsey from the Clearwater Clinic, commentators from around the galaxy are asking the same question: What’s next for Halsey? According to political analyst Emilio Blythe: “If Halsey were to return to politics, it could spell trouble for Shadow President Felicia Winters.... Read more
Galactic News: Jasmina Halsey Discharged
It has been two months since former Federal president Jasmina Halsey was admitted to the Clearwater Clinic psychiatric facility on Mars. Halsey’s admission followed a period of bizarre behaviour, during which she claimed to have encountered super-intelligent beings in the depths of space. Since then, a proportion of the... Read more
Galactic News: Federal Citizens Call for Halsey’s Release
A growing proportion of the Federation’s population is clamouring for the release of former Federal president Jasmina Halsey, who is currently a patient at a secure psychiatric facility on Mars. Despite assertions from Halsey’s personal staff that the former president entered the facility of her own volition, an increasingly... Read more
Galactic News: Felicia Winters Comments on Halsey’s Committal
At a recent event at the Mars Business Society, Federal Shadow President Felicia Winters responded to a question concerning the hospitalisation of former Federal president Jasmina Halsey: “It was clear from the outset that she’d experienced a traumatic event, and that it impacted her psychologically as well as physically.... Read more
Freelance Report: Protesters Petition for Halsey’s Freedom
One year ago today, Federal President Jasmina Halsey and Vice-President Ethan Naylor embarked on a tour of Federation frontier systems. Two weeks later, Starship One was declared missing with all hands. Despite initial assessments that the ship would never be found, the remains of the vessel were located and... Read more
Galactic News: Bentonio’s Request Rebuffed
Arlo Cortez, a member of Jasmina Halsey’s personal staff, has responded to a recent statement from Ricardo Bentonio, the notorious conspiracy theorist. In an official press release, Cortez said: “The suggestion that Jasmina has been somehow ‘silenced’ by oppressive governmental powers is patently ridiculous. The decision to admit Jasmina... Read more