The Rekohu Project
Angeli Imperial Enterprises, one of the Empire’s key suppliers of foodstuffs and other consumables, has announced plans to build a Bowman-class science vessel. The construction initiative, dubbed the Rekohu Project, will allow the organisation to increase the biodiversity of its crops. Once complete, the megaship will be deployed to... Read more
Rind Gold Electronics Org Campaign
The Empire has announced an initiative to bolster the superpower’s military strength. The initiative centres on a new training programme designed to create the next generation of starship pilots. A spokesperson for the Rind Gold Electronics Org, which is overseeing the initiative, released the following statement: “Over the past... Read more
The ACS Overwatch
The Atlas Corporation has launched a campaign to build a megaship in the Lambda Arae system. The vessel, which will be named the ACS Overwatch, will fulfil a multi-faceted role in the ongoing fight against the Thargoids. A spokesperson for the Atlas Corporation said: “The ACS Overwatch will serve... Read more
Privateers Alliance Campaign
The Privateers Alliance has announced plans to build a military installation in the HIP 33368 system. The installation will “reinforce the gates” by defending the core systems from Thargoid forces in the Pleiades. A spokesperson for the Privateers Alliance released the following statement: “We need to make a show... Read more
Conflict in Ross 310
Conflict has erupted between Ross 310 Natural Services, the controlling faction of the Ross 310 system, and the Ross 310 Cartel, a criminal organisation also based in Ross 310. It is understood that the Ross 310 Cartel is attempting to overthrow Ross 310 Natural Services and assume control of... Read more
Sirius Corp Announces Expansion
The Sirius Corporation has announced that it will be expanding its presence at two locations just outside the core systems. A spokesperson for Sirius made this statement: “For some time now, the amount of traffic passing through both the Ceos and Sothis systems has been steadily increasing. Naturally, we... Read more
EG Union Campaign
Yuri Grom has announced an initiative to create a new shipyard in the CPC 20 6743 system. The shipyard will produce capital ships with which to defend human space from both human and alien threats. The EG Union, acting on behalf of Yuri Grom, has placed an open order... Read more
The Purge of Socho
Following reports of Thargoid incursions into the core systems, Aegis Core has launched a counter-Thargoid operation in the Socho region. A spokesperson for Aegis Core gave the following statement to the media: “The goal is simple: Take out Thargoid vessels, gather up the pieces, and deliver them to Dantec... Read more
Coalition of Othime Campaign
The Coalition of Othime has announced plans to develop refinery facilities in its home system through the construction of a new asteroid base. A spokesperson for the Coalition said: “Othime relies heavily on its refineries, but those refineries are limited to small and medium cargo vessels, which limits the... Read more
Arming Colonia
Arek Crimson Vision Corporation has launched a campaign to boost Colonia’s military strength by providing the region with weapons. The initiative is a direct response to ongoing Thargoid hostility. A spokesperson for Arek Crimson Vision Corporation elaborated on the nature of the campaign: “Several members of our organisation have... Read more