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Eliminating Slavers in Guuguyni

Princess Aisling Duval has announced plans to fund a peacekeeping operation in the Guuguyni system. The operation’s primary purpose is to neutralise an illegal slave-trading ring in the region. Princess Duval released the following statement, elaborating on the nature of the campaign: “Illegal slavery is an abhorrent practice that negates its victim’s fundamental human rights. …

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Simbad Regime Campaign

The Simbad Regime was established over a year ago, and has enjoyed consistent growth with the support of Commanders across the galaxy. Now the group has announced plans to construct a new asteroid base among the rings of Nu Tauri 5. In support of this goal, the Simbad Regime has placed an open order for …

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Community Goal: Dionysus Rising

Sirius Inc has announced plans to construct a flight-operations megaship in the 42 n Persei system, which occupies a strategic position on the route to Maia. The vessel, which will be named the Dionysus, will dramatically improve services in 42 n Persei. Senior Aide Humberto Guthrie, speaking on behalf of Sirius Inc, released the following …

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Community Goal: Core Dynamics Campaign

Core Dynamics, one of the galaxy’s largest starship manufacturers, has announced a new construction initiative in response to the rise in Thargoid attacks. A spokesperson for Core Dynamics released the following statement: “The number of ships lost to Thargoid attacks is increasing rapidly, leaving us with no option but to accelerate our production schedule. But …

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Community Goal: Panum Pisciumque

Angeli Imperial Enterprises has announced plans to build a Dionysus-class Agricultural Vessel in support of ongoing resource-extraction operations in the Pleiades. Once built, the enormous starship will orbit a water world in the Pleiades Sector GW-W c1-15 system. In support of this operation, Angeli Imperial Enterprises has placed an open order for marine equipment, micro …

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Community Goal: Diamond Frogs Campaign

The Diamond Frogs, a mercenary outfit based on the lawless fringes of the Capricorni sector, has announced plans to build a new installation in the 63 G. Capricorni system. The faction’s current base of operations has become virtually uninhabitable, as its power and cooling systems being have been pushed past their limits. In support of …

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