Colonia Initiative Concludes
The Colonia Council has announced that its campaign to build a security installation in the Colonia region has been warmly received by the galactic community. Large quantities of material were delivered to Dove Enigma over the past week, allowing the initiative to move to the construction phase. A spokesperson... Read more
Arek Crimson Vision Corporation Campaign Ends
A spokesperson for Arek Crimson Vision Corporation has announced that its appeal for weapons has been enthusiastically received by the galactic community, resulting in a massive influx of deliveries to the organisation’s base of operations. The weapons will now be shipped to the Colonia region. As the campaign drew... Read more
Protecting Colonia
As the Thargoid offensive continues, authorities in Colonia have decided to step up security by building a new security installation in the region. A spokesperson for the Colonia Council, which is overseeing the initiative, gave the following statement: “The Thargoids have now entered the core systems, and their hostility... Read more
Arming Colonia
Arek Crimson Vision Corporation has launched a campaign to boost Colonia’s military strength by providing the region with weapons. The initiative is a direct response to ongoing Thargoid hostility. A spokesperson for Arek Crimson Vision Corporation elaborated on the nature of the campaign: “Several members of our organisation have... Read more
Galactic Community Comes to Aid of Dove Enigma
An attempt to sabotage the Dove Enigma, a Wells-class Carrier based in the Colonia system, has been thwarted by the galactic community. The would-be saboteurs tried to destabilise the vessel by flooding its black market with Thargoid Sensors, which have the capacity to damage ships and starports. Fortunately, the... Read more
Galactic News: Further Migration to Colonia
Although the Thargoid attacks have so far been confined to the Pleiades Nebula, many apparently fear that the aliens’ next target will be the core systems. This is evidenced by the huge numbers of citizens fleeing to Colonia. The Colonia Council, the region’s governing body, has confirmed that the... Read more
Community Goal: Operation Whirling Dervish
The GalCop Colonial Defence Commission has embarked on a campaign to establish a new Coriolis starport in the Ogmar system. The campaign – dubbed Operation Whirling Dervish – is designed to support further expansion in the Colonia region. Lou Brady, a spokesperson for the organisation, released the following statement:... Read more
Galactic News: Colonia Campaign Concludes
The Colonia Council has announced that its appeal for construction materials has reached a successful conclusion. Scores of pilots contributed to the campaign by delivering materials to Skvortsov Orbital, and by eliminating agitators in the 63 G. Capricorni system. The materials will be used to construct new outposts in... Read more
Community Goal: The Colonia Exodus
Despite the repeated assurances of the galactic authorities, which have endeavoured to downplay the scale of the Thargoid threat, it is clear that many of those in the core systems feel less than secure. This is evidenced by the huge numbers of citizens fleeing to Colonia, eager to escape... Read more
Galactic News: Conflict in Colonia Ends
Authorities in the Colonia system have confirmed that the conflict between The Nameless and the peacekeepers of the Colonia Council has come to an end. Both factions received support from the galactic community, but ultimately there could only be one victor – the Colonia Council. Pilots who participated in... Read more